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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Block in the head!! KILL IT!

Well..well..well...Haven't we all heard this umpteen times in our lives? "I have a Mental Block....i seem to be going nowhere in life" " I know what my issues are, but, somehow, i just seem to be stuck..i can't move beyond it....
Well...for everyone who is experiencing the same...u deserve to know certain things...and what are these?
Follow this:
1) A lotta people are in the same boat, Even the super intelligent, super-wow ones..yes! They are sailing in the same boat! they have their share of BLOCKS and can't seem to be getting anywhere!( Well, doesn't that make u feel better??))

2) Divert your mind!! Why waste your time on cribbing and crying about this thing you are stuck in! Instead ..use your energies to focus on something else..something productive, something interesting, whacky! something that excites you...or simply keeps you happy!!

3) Remember! The mental block is just mental! and only way to get thru it is by denying it totally and believing to a sentence like..i have a mental block ..i can't do this..try something like" Hey i can do this..what's the big deal?" Keep on repeating that to you and check out for will start feeling better!

4) Make an effort: Get out of that rut....Just stop thinking and get to work..whatever u like doing..whatever needs u..get to it..DO NOT THINK...just work and soon u would see the results..

Rome wasn't won in a day and may be this just takes more than a day..but give it your best shot...u know that..i do not need to repeat....We alone can make a difference in our lives!

So stay Alert and Alive!!

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