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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learnings @ 19th July 2011

1)You can make the most of your dreams come just need to believe that they will come true and look out for opportunities around u...i am how..we tend to always...always...forget to look around us! answers r right there!

2) Never underestimate a person, situation or yourself...Being humble will always pay!

3) A friend is one who loves you inspite of differences,does not forget to call on your important occasions even if that means a text, somebody who always knows how to pick up the thread from it was last left.. and my blessed to have a few friends like that.

4)Be grateful for whatever you have...gratitude and gratitude alone can make more of such things come to you..the more genuinely thankful you are..the more you get..that's a basic law!

5)love is not about expectations..can never be..expectations happen to be burdens, obligations which can not ever be substituted for love...if u can truly be with somebody without any expectations..u r a true lover...and yes..this is damn difficult!haven't been able to achieve this so far...

6) God is all around signs, in us, in just about everything...god is that perfect smile that u get when u just say a heartfelt thank you!However, u need to have eyes for seeing God around....

7)I am thankful for the life that i have,will always be..coz god has given me means to be somebody who can make a difference..small or big..whatever!

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