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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Smiles!

Sometimes, when i look at these children at almost every red light in Delhi, the only thought that hits me is ...why them...why are they supposed to run like that in the hot and cruel summers of Delhi and the bone chilling winters...Why hasn't life been a li'l more kind to them..?

I get no answers...however, i do get abundant advise..on how should never give away money to them.."it is a racket, they take drugs..." and what not...My only belief while giving away these alms/food/water is when i am hungry, i enter a Ms Donalds or a Haldirams and easily spend more than 150-200 at a single Would giving away rs 10 be too much???

Yes, i agree! that there would be children who would use this for all sorts of shit..however can that statement alone feed thousands of children standing out there in the heat?? May be not..may be there is a child who would value your 5 rupee/Food/water more than anything..may be he is hungry!

For all of those who do not believe in giving away alms..try a better time whenever you have food in a restaurant, do not waste the food, get it packed and give away to somebody on the street!Next time whenever you eat an icecream and you see a child eyeing not ignore him..let him have an Ice cream too...and next time when you some girl trying to sell you flowers at a red light, take wouldn't do you much harm..but it might just make her and your wife/girlfriend/friends happy!

So here's to a beautiful tomorrow.for these children!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am suddenly upto trying something on my own...i feel very weird..coz this was not something that ever featured on my radar! i was never to be an entrepreneur....never thought it was in my blood...i was always a job who was happy with a good income coming home everyday...

I don't know what has changed? Why this sudden overwhelming feeling of being on my own..although this is still at the ideation stage..but the very fact that m thinking on these kinda weird..or may be different!

I could never be an entrepreneur coz generally people who start up on their own have a passion for a particular thing and they just go for it..but i have been different, not because i don't have passion for a particular thing but because i love too many things..i have passion for many things, causes and what not..that is pretty difficult to narrow down on any one "passion"..;)))

phew!!! but here I am..with these thoughts which are obviously more than random!!
Surely life is being possessive about it!!