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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prof Mirchandani!


The day for me started with a news..Didn't like the sudden surge of SMs on suddenly upset to know about Prof.

So what have i do with Prof Mirchandani apart from the fact that he was a marketing prof at my college?why do i suddenly feel this urge to share my thoughts?

Well, i don't know him much as a professor who taught a topic, but i do happen to have been taught by him,not a subect or a topic, but a very basic lesson of live life the fullest and to ensure that you let people be!

So, once while randomly sharing a conversation with him on the essence of love marriages,he happened to tell me...that he got his daughter married to a muslim.( that, ironically becomes such a taboo for so many ppl in our country)..because that's what she wanted to do!adding to it, he said something that i would never forget.."What kind of a father have I been, if i have not been able to teach my daughter how to take the decision of who should she be marrying for herself?"........

Very simple..but how thought provoking! I hadn't heard something like that ever..i hadn't ever seen any parent trying to put across the fact that his child's life is his own and not the parent's! I hadn't seen this kind of trust that he had in his upbringing in anyone else........

What did i learn that day???

I learnt, to be myself forever, to let everyone else be ensure that you take responsibility for your decisions in life and try not taking decisions for others....i learnt ..that life is worth living and is very simple...there's nothing complicated about all depends on the way you take it......

and above all...i happened to realise that being unconventional takes a lot of has its own upsides and downsides....u gotta know the consequences of the same ....and most of would turn out to be the most satisfying decision you ever took for yourself....!!

Whenever,these thoughts of trying something different surface in me...i Mirchandani might have a role to play.....miss you sir!!

The Prof might have gone, but his spirit lives on...through many of us...who believed in him!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

holi hai!!

colours!!! The mayhem of colours....the festival that comes tomorrow..defines the true Indian spirit....of unity in diversity...of being unique in our own way and yet being a smooth part of this culture called indianism!

colours are is our country....bright colours...misty rains...golden deserts, calm beaches...majestic mountains...colourful bangles, gliterring gold,,,vivid people, situations, even the damn masala dani has vibrant colours!!

so, here's for the lovely country we belong to..and the lovely festival that's coming up!! Happy holi!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Roller Coaster-of a life!!: Exploration!! believing your instincts!!

Roller Coaster-of a life!!: Exploration!! believing your instincts!!

Exploration!! believing your instincts!!

M on a new..absolutely stunning journey..towards self exploration these days...
so..yes..the life seems chaotic these days..totally chaotic...coz there are so many many unanswered questions...that your head is brimming with thought all the time!

So what am i exploring these feelings, my happiness, my unfulfilled career, my expression, my love,almost everything that life has to offer. It is indeed a very deep journey into myself..of figuring out..what actually makes me happy..why do i get sad? which ppl affect me..and why?? why do i make comparisons..and with whom?? why doesn't a moment of blissful silence of a silent mind remain forever??what am i here for?? what is that i wanna do?? what gives me a high?? Do i have the courage to take it through??

Uff..these and many more that keep on coming my way...but one thing is for sure..the greater i am exploring these..the closer I am coming to true true self without any hassles..without any masks..without any fear whatsoever...It is indeed gonna be some journey!

So what's the latest where i have trusted my instincts is..quitting my job and becoming a trainer..a trainer is a glamorous word for a teacher..( ironically we all happen to believe that a teacher is only a school teacher!!)So basically I am teaching, to who so ever happens to require my guidance at whatever level i can..and in the process am learning myself!i have started firmly believing in the maxim " When a student is ready, the master appears"!!i don't know who is the student and master in this case..that is what time would unveil!

This experience has undoubtedly bought me the satisfaction that i have been looking for years...the feeling of you being able to make a difference, may be only to one student..but yes..u made a difference! is just awesome...and that is where i guess my life had to bring me..coz something within me was always creating this..looking for this..

and..yes..the sense of relief that you get once you are on your own is much more than the so called security that a Corporate MNC offers you...they obvioulsy don't secure you..they work more on making you insecure..about your career, your package and yes your status...and eventually manage to kill that uniqueness in you..coz you become part of the so many others!!

So exploration and the awesome feeling post it...makes me wanna go for more..try out horizons that have always been dreams..but could never become a reality for me....

m out there..!! having fun!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A girl!

Fascinated....attracted and completely floored by the guy next door, she quipped to herself.."should i?? should i not??"-the same old question again flipped through her mind..once again...

She had been trying to convince him of her love for him for months now.but all he could do in response, is...flirt with other PYTs of office! It frustrated her,killed something deep inside her..but she was not the one to lose hope...afterall..she loved him and he loved her where was the question of him leaving her? this was just a passing phase and one day..he would also realise his love for her!

So she walked very quietly to him and almost whispered.."hey, i was wondering if we could talk over a cup of coffee..??.."oh! why not" he replied.Anyways, i had to talk about something important to you." "Ok then," said she, "6 it is." "He would definitely apologise for last night...he obviously didn't mean all those ugly things...he was just a little high!" She thought to herself..rather naively!

At 6, she was waiting at the coffee shop right below...her eyes..gazing through..the crowd..trying to figure him out...and then..he came....walked upto her slowly..
She was waiting for this moment...wasn't she?

Ah..yes...good..that i caught hold of you...i just wanted to tell is my engagement party..m getting married to that know..the girl in your team...u have to be there...!!

The world seemed shattered suddenly...nothing..absolutely nothing...seemed right..she felt losing control of herself....something was weird..yes....she was everyone was just...gazing at her...even the girl passing by...seemed shocked..she didn't understand.......or may be she did........she was choking.....!!..Dying actually..............

She opened her eyes...and saw him beside her...she couldn't believe it..she was happy..immensely happy....He hugged her.."Wat happened honey, are you alright?"
She looked around...everything seemed familiar..totally familiar...oh! thought she...this is my bedroom...and..and.......this......

With a deep sense of relief......looked at him....held his hand and dropped a tear!

"Thank god! not all dreams come true..." she thought to herself and kissed her beloved husband..goodmorning!

A beautiful beginning of a beautiful life!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who am i??

This thought provokes me day and night..makes me go into oblivion for hours...makes me go crazy...and sometimes makes me cry...!!
Am i this free spirited life..who wants to fly away in every direction that life takes it to or a responsible, mature , puts conditions one after the another for me...more like a gravel path heading towards your own grave...

Am i the one who would want to enjoy the sight of a twinkle on a leaf..on a bright sunny day after a slush of fierce rain shower..or ..a person who would first wait for grass to get green to enjoy that experience??

Am i the one who would fall in love...rejoice..enjoy...and just be...or the one who would fall in love and then defy it by creating conditions around it?

Ami the one who would learn the art of renouncement and detachment and the beauty related to it...the beauty of not being affected..not being hurt..or the one...who will kill most of the time in figuring out the why's and how's of life...

Am i the one who would find purpose...aim in everything or the one who would make everything that comes across in life a purpose in itself...??

Am i the one who would..someday...learn...the art of being in state of absolute happiness...or the one who would let the life pass without ever even getting close to it??

What is that defines me??? What ...who am i??
Who are you???