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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prof Mirchandani!


The day for me started with a news..Didn't like the sudden surge of SMs on suddenly upset to know about Prof.

So what have i do with Prof Mirchandani apart from the fact that he was a marketing prof at my college?why do i suddenly feel this urge to share my thoughts?

Well, i don't know him much as a professor who taught a topic, but i do happen to have been taught by him,not a subect or a topic, but a very basic lesson of live life the fullest and to ensure that you let people be!

So, once while randomly sharing a conversation with him on the essence of love marriages,he happened to tell me...that he got his daughter married to a muslim.( that, ironically becomes such a taboo for so many ppl in our country)..because that's what she wanted to do!adding to it, he said something that i would never forget.."What kind of a father have I been, if i have not been able to teach my daughter how to take the decision of who should she be marrying for herself?"........

Very simple..but how thought provoking! I hadn't heard something like that ever..i hadn't ever seen any parent trying to put across the fact that his child's life is his own and not the parent's! I hadn't seen this kind of trust that he had in his upbringing in anyone else........

What did i learn that day???

I learnt, to be myself forever, to let everyone else be ensure that you take responsibility for your decisions in life and try not taking decisions for others....i learnt ..that life is worth living and is very simple...there's nothing complicated about all depends on the way you take it......

and above all...i happened to realise that being unconventional takes a lot of has its own upsides and downsides....u gotta know the consequences of the same ....and most of would turn out to be the most satisfying decision you ever took for yourself....!!

Whenever,these thoughts of trying something different surface in me...i Mirchandani might have a role to play.....miss you sir!!

The Prof might have gone, but his spirit lives on...through many of us...who believed in him!

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