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Friday, April 1, 2011


I am suddenly upto trying something on my own...i feel very weird..coz this was not something that ever featured on my radar! i was never to be an entrepreneur....never thought it was in my blood...i was always a job who was happy with a good income coming home everyday...

I don't know what has changed? Why this sudden overwhelming feeling of being on my own..although this is still at the ideation stage..but the very fact that m thinking on these kinda weird..or may be different!

I could never be an entrepreneur coz generally people who start up on their own have a passion for a particular thing and they just go for it..but i have been different, not because i don't have passion for a particular thing but because i love too many things..i have passion for many things, causes and what not..that is pretty difficult to narrow down on any one "passion"..;)))

phew!!! but here I am..with these thoughts which are obviously more than random!!
Surely life is being possessive about it!!


  1. hota hai hota hai, when life is full of options, aisa hona wajib hai.

  2. kabhi bhi ho sakta hai..jaise mere saath ho rha hai..:)