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Monday, February 14, 2011

Education ruined me!!

I am wondering more n more these days as to what is happening to the Education in our country?? a country which once was the place of holistic education...and gurukuls..and now landed itself in ever growing frenzy of money and fame seeking schools..where everything else apart from education is delivered.

What provoked this thought in me??

Went to a premium school of Delhi today..just to see so called education ruing young minds..may be the statement " i was born intelligent, education ruined me.." is totally come true in our context!

These kids may be grt at english, maths, science and other important subjects...but they have lost a life..that we had once...yes...we were naughty, didn't care too much about our teachers...laughed our way in class...however, there still were parts of us..who would adore a teacher for lifetime...or..still have the courtesy of understanding that the school reputation is over and above everything else....

The question is,Who is to blame?? Schools-that are more focussed on making money more than anything now, teachers-who are just trying to finish their 7-3pm job somehow and get the monthly cash in hand or the parents-who seem to believe that educating their children is no longer their is a school's.After all..they don't pay that amount of money to school just for the heck of it!!

May be it is high time indeed for everyone to know that speaking perfect english and being cool is not the only sign of anybody being could look more like an ignorant fool, if these skills are used only as a mechanism to show off the X factor within one!!

Well, that's what the education world has come to...they seem to have invented a new maxim " everything is fair in the BUSINESS of EDUCATION-even...NON EDUCATION!!"