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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kabir- The practical Saint

"उड़ जायेगा हंस अकेला उड़ जायेगा हंस अकेला

जग दर्शन का मेला

जैसे पात गिरे तरुवर के

मिलना बहुत दुहेला

ना जाने किधर गिरेगा

लगया पवन का रेला।।

जब होवे उमर पूरी

तब छूटेगा हुकम हुजूरी

यम के दूत बडे मजबूत

यम से पडा झमेला ।।

दास कबीर हरि के गुण गावे

वा हर को पारन पावे

एक डाल दो पंछी बैठे

कौन गुरु कौन चेला

गुरु की करनी गुरु जायेगा

चेले की करनी चेला ।।

साधो ये मुरदों का गांव साधो ये मुरदों का गांव

पीर मरे पैगम्बर मरिहैं

मरिहैं जिन्दा जोगी

राजा मरिहैं परजा मरिहै

मरिहैं बैद और रोगी

चंदा मरिहै सूरज मरिहै

मरिहैं धरणि आकासा

चौदां भुवन के चौधरी मरिहैं

इन्हूं की का आसा

नौहूं मरिहैं दसहूं मरिहैं

मरि हैं सहज अठ्ठासी

तैंतीस कोट देवता मरि हैं

बड़ी काल की बाजी

नाम अनाम अनंत रहत है

दूजा तत्व न होइ

कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो

भटक मरो ना कोई

Kabir ranks among the world's greatest poets. A weaver by profession, Kabir’s verses openly criticized all sects and gave a new direction to the Indian philosophy. This is due to his straight-forward approach that has a universal appeal. It is for this reason that Kabir is held in high esteem all over the world. To call Kabir a universal Guru is not an exaggeration.

In his wide and rapturous vision of the universe he never loses touch with the common life. His feet are firmly planted upon earth. The constant insistence on simplicity and directness, the hatred of all abstractions and philosophizing, the ruthless criticism of external religion: these are amongst his most marked characteristics.

In India, Kabir is perhaps the most quoted author. His verse is an effort to tell the truth about that ineffable apprehension, so vast and yet so near, which controls his life. His genius lies in seizing and twining together symbols and ideas drawn from even the most violent and conflicting philosophies and faiths"
SOURCE: Advait Life Education Pvt Ltd.