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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shalini-The Ice Princess!

"Is this supposed to be a joke???" said Amit on hearing about Shalini's accident!" "You are kidding me1 Man! Shalini is the best ice skater in this in the world can she get hurt?" Vani stood there shaking...not knowing how to respond to Amit! She too knew all this..however...She knew the truth too...which was that Shalini had lost both her legs ..!!

Shalini was a graceful Ice skater...She made everything around look so still when she took to the skating seemed as if Ice was her playground where she lost all her inhibitions and transformed into a beautiful diva...Every turn and twist would make the audiences' heart skip a beat!
nnnnnnnnnnnnn------sssssssssssssssss.......shuuuuuuuuu...up...up..up..round........up in the air ...and then ..thud.....perfect landing..and a perfect applause!

Shalini was used to this appreciation..this was her life..She loved this life more than anything else..She loved the attention, the perfection..just about everything..but most importantly she loved..herself in that state..purely amalagamated with herself..totally pure.....

But then one day, when she was rolling up in the air...something crossed her mind.." of can't go to this college of skating..what do you think You are gonna do with this sort of degree..?? you are in India..and this skating n all is good for entertainment..not for a decent living here...prepare for MBA or something like that...make a living!We do not want you to be mocked at!have i made myself clear???".."Yes sir", said she lost in oblivion and then................................


Silence was broken by the sudden sound of a ambulance.She was lying there..right there...STIll....absolutely STILL!

To be Continued............

Learnings @ 19th July 2011

1)You can make the most of your dreams come just need to believe that they will come true and look out for opportunities around u...i am how..we tend to always...always...forget to look around us! answers r right there!

2) Never underestimate a person, situation or yourself...Being humble will always pay!

3) A friend is one who loves you inspite of differences,does not forget to call on your important occasions even if that means a text, somebody who always knows how to pick up the thread from it was last left.. and my blessed to have a few friends like that.

4)Be grateful for whatever you have...gratitude and gratitude alone can make more of such things come to you..the more genuinely thankful you are..the more you get..that's a basic law!

5)love is not about expectations..can never be..expectations happen to be burdens, obligations which can not ever be substituted for love...if u can truly be with somebody without any expectations..u r a true lover...and yes..this is damn difficult!haven't been able to achieve this so far...

6) God is all around signs, in us, in just about everything...god is that perfect smile that u get when u just say a heartfelt thank you!However, u need to have eyes for seeing God around....

7)I am thankful for the life that i have,will always be..coz god has given me means to be somebody who can make a difference..small or big..whatever!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

One tight slap!!

the scene had an old man walking upto a police commissioner and asking," are you the police commissioner?" yes, says the cop.SLAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.............

Stunned...the place is quiet..the people are shocked..Did he actually hit the top honcho? Is he out of his mind??

"Pichle teen mahine se apni poti ko dhund rha hu..hazaro chakkar laga chuka police thane ke...koi kuch madad nhi krta...humari poti koi kisi amir ki beti toh thi nhi na..isiliye...koi madad nhi mili hume aapse!!"

Immediately the top cop ordered his officers to start looking for the girl.

Makes me think..i takes a thunderous slap right across the face to make things work make government realise..that we are fed up of this bull shit of waiting till the terrorists strike and then behave as if this was the best they could have come up with!

may be....we all need to gear up for that thunderous slap!!
please note THUNDEROUS!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Block in the head!! KILL IT!

Well..well..well...Haven't we all heard this umpteen times in our lives? "I have a Mental Block....i seem to be going nowhere in life" " I know what my issues are, but, somehow, i just seem to be stuck..i can't move beyond it....
Well...for everyone who is experiencing the same...u deserve to know certain things...and what are these?
Follow this:
1) A lotta people are in the same boat, Even the super intelligent, super-wow ones..yes! They are sailing in the same boat! they have their share of BLOCKS and can't seem to be getting anywhere!( Well, doesn't that make u feel better??))

2) Divert your mind!! Why waste your time on cribbing and crying about this thing you are stuck in! Instead ..use your energies to focus on something else..something productive, something interesting, whacky! something that excites you...or simply keeps you happy!!

3) Remember! The mental block is just mental! and only way to get thru it is by denying it totally and believing to a sentence like..i have a mental block ..i can't do this..try something like" Hey i can do this..what's the big deal?" Keep on repeating that to you and check out for will start feeling better!

4) Make an effort: Get out of that rut....Just stop thinking and get to work..whatever u like doing..whatever needs u..get to it..DO NOT THINK...just work and soon u would see the results..

Rome wasn't won in a day and may be this just takes more than a day..but give it your best shot...u know that..i do not need to repeat....We alone can make a difference in our lives!

So stay Alert and Alive!!