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Thursday, July 14, 2011

One tight slap!!

the scene had an old man walking upto a police commissioner and asking," are you the police commissioner?" yes, says the cop.SLAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.............

Stunned...the place is quiet..the people are shocked..Did he actually hit the top honcho? Is he out of his mind??

"Pichle teen mahine se apni poti ko dhund rha hu..hazaro chakkar laga chuka police thane ke...koi kuch madad nhi krta...humari poti koi kisi amir ki beti toh thi nhi na..isiliye...koi madad nhi mili hume aapse!!"

Immediately the top cop ordered his officers to start looking for the girl.

Makes me think..i takes a thunderous slap right across the face to make things work make government realise..that we are fed up of this bull shit of waiting till the terrorists strike and then behave as if this was the best they could have come up with!

may be....we all need to gear up for that thunderous slap!!
please note THUNDEROUS!!

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