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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back with a bang!

But Did I go anywhere at all? ...

I did for a while get lost from the hustle bustle of my online identity, tried to run away from the constant chattering inside me reminding me of  my aspirations and the other extremely hilarious but "not important any more" conversations!

So where did I go? I went to meet myself! Well! I said hello to my fears, anxiety, happiness, bliss, my strengths, my weaknesses and what not! My lovely girl made it all happen...She made me face myself with more strength and clarity, with more spirit and patience, more purpose and virtue.Alas!they say parenthood changes you and your life.

It definitely does! For better or for worse, is your viewpoint.If for once, parenthood changes something in you, it would definitely be your capacity to feel unconditional love which only these little wonders are capable of bestowing on high on aspirations parents like us!

And that is when the change starts...that is when this question.. "why are we doing, what we are?" starts coming up time and again bothers you day in day out. Everyone finds out their answers eventually.I am a little slow....have some answers and have not figured out others so far.

Cheers to this amazing journey, which has just begun ( while all this while, I thought we have arrived/settled, whatever one calls it, this realisation is quite big in itself); that WE HAVE JUST BEGUN!

I have just begun! and yes! M back!