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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who am i??

This thought provokes me day and night..makes me go into oblivion for hours...makes me go crazy...and sometimes makes me cry...!!
Am i this free spirited life..who wants to fly away in every direction that life takes it to or a responsible, mature , puts conditions one after the another for me...more like a gravel path heading towards your own grave...

Am i the one who would want to enjoy the sight of a twinkle on a leaf..on a bright sunny day after a slush of fierce rain shower..or ..a person who would first wait for grass to get green to enjoy that experience??

Am i the one who would fall in love...rejoice..enjoy...and just be...or the one who would fall in love and then defy it by creating conditions around it?

Ami the one who would learn the art of renouncement and detachment and the beauty related to it...the beauty of not being affected..not being hurt..or the one...who will kill most of the time in figuring out the why's and how's of life...

Am i the one who would find purpose...aim in everything or the one who would make everything that comes across in life a purpose in itself...??

Am i the one who would..someday...learn...the art of being in state of absolute happiness...or the one who would let the life pass without ever even getting close to it??

What is that defines me??? What ...who am i??
Who are you???


  1. i am the one goes through a lot...when all this is going through your mind!!.........hahahaheeehehee

    i am your partner in this journey towards self....and we shall sure enjoy it!!....

  2. very well put up! These same questions keep popping up every now and then.. even rt now.. and i still dont know the answers.. probably, our attachment to some thoughts, feelings, people make it difficult to be the person we as an individual want to be..