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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Secret!

This book makes me go crazy....I love every aspect of it..most importantly, the fact that it tries to make: Your life is what you want it to be ...It is totally Your creation....Your baby!
I love the confidence and trust it builds ...and the perspective that it sets!
Initially, belief was kind of an issue...but when i look back..I realise....that my life actually has been...what i really and desperately wanted....some things that i kept on repeating to myself..actually happened to a very simple, unassuming manner... took its own the end of day..i got what i wanted...Imagine the power that we have....this book just set things into perspective...
Now i realised.. the age old " Think Positive" maxim makes a hell lot of think get can' be thinking negative and receiving positive...that's against the basic law of attraction of this universe!

Well.. this is what i have decided..i am gonna consciously try this out with something very strongly on my mind these days..and will share the results as well..soon!

Till then..take control...dream Big to achieve big..that's THE secret for you all!!


  1. Positive thinking no doubt leads to a better life. But to extend that thought to serve as a solution to all of life's problems is just ridiculous! Most of the speakers in the Secret movie are self proclaimed new-age gurus who charge thousands of dollars per hour to teach people how to think positively with a success rate of less than 2%. The remaining 98% are made to believe they did not think 'positively enough' and have no one to blame but themselves. Be positive but also real. Watch these 2 videos without a bias, if you find the time -

  2. I agree to what you are saying and have gone through the movies as well..just that..i love the aspect makes you believe that your life is your creation and take responsibility for the same...just that aspect of taking control!
    and of crse..if u sit just wishing positive, nothing is gonna is about action and not only thought...more like an action succeded by thought!