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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love thy work!

That is indeed a thought provoking statement...A statement that I have tried to live by and live through...
Yupp live through...and live through like hell..Coz with every dream, there might be a perceived price to pay.Please note " PERCEIVED"..these prices that you pay sometimes are more pschyological than real..Sometimes they just do NOT exist in the present..they are all nicely waiting for you in the future or so called future as potrayed by your near and dear ones..

and then starts the journey..the tussle of "to be or not to be".I happen to come across many such souls thoughout my work..their reasons for taking any particular course could range from "Good marks" to" better paying" to "Societal recognition" to even a "nice matrimonial match." Passion does not seem to be the Trend...

Passion could be dangerous, rebellious, could just defy every existing norm and tradition and could prove that everything that has to be or will be is in the NOW, in the present that we reside in.If I do not appreciate the present of PRESENT given to me, in all proabilities my future would be just the same old story!

I am trying to reiterate certain rules that I have created for myself, to myself all over again, lest i forget the importance of the time that Iam in and the future that i am trying to create.

and the rule for my life is:

Following Passion = great satisfaction and pride and sense of achievement= great efficiency at work, great output= better paying, better growth= happiness = great life!

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