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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Another one of my random tete-a tete with my mind!

Facebook...I have realised every time I go to Facebook, I am either bored and therefore want to fill my life with Masala from other people's lives or I need food for thought, which is somehow provoked by FB in me and may be in a thousand others!

I can't help relating the famous dialogue from three ideots-the famous Bollywood movie to facebooking which says , " aap fail ho jao aur apka friend fail ho jaye toh dukh hta hai, lekin agar aap fail ho jao aur aapka friend first aaye toh bahut zyaada dukh hta hai".

Therefore , If you have all the fun in life- (travel, go wild, buy a new car, new house, get married, have children, or join a new company at a fancy designation or a new B school( a top one on that) or relocate to London or somewhere in US), you have every right to announce the same to the world via pictures or of course the status message feed which says something like, ( Yippee...First day in blah..blahh) or (New life, new beginnings) etc etc etc...

However, the same done by any one of your FB friend ( FB friends= friends who rarely talk to each other personally, who get to know about each other's life only through a status update and friends whose conversations do not go nice they look or how nice their trip must have been! i nut shell, friends who know nothing about your life other than what you choose to showcase to them ;P) might send you off in a frantic frenzy- not in admiration of the other's life but in lack of it !

And then starts the Food for thought syndrome..which is all about the famous questions-When, how, why, me, myself, etc etc. The good part is this provokes you( inspire is a better word here) to look forward to better things in life..the bad part do nothing about the future and just sit and lament on the current state of affairs in your life!

and even become a victim and decide to jot it down somewhere so that it goes out of your system, you get to see a better side to it, laugh a lot while writing this and then get on with work-which BTW is the only way to make things happen in your life.:D

So, till the time , that I happen to post a few pictures of my new muse in's to FBing happily ever after!

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