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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Royal Dissonance!

It is not even funny!

The last one year has been nothing less than a roller coaster....Understanding marriage better and therefore your role in the same...figuring out things that you had never before even given a thought to and ..not forgetting the dependencies that u get used to...that u get used to rely on...and yesss..then there is a New identity..and a New identity CLASH..

hehehee....Identity clash is one thing when u CAN prioritise one thing over the other..however, what if you can't? What if YOU ARE GREEDY and you want of both the worlds.....what then??

Then...the royallll. confusion or in OB terms..COGNITIVE DISSONANCE( thank god ! I remember that term from my MBA days)

Ok..So in the past time..I have been greeted by failure more than once..Infact more than what I have faced so far, put together.That's why I said, it's not even funny!Yupp....and they have brought to me a low...the obvious low...but they have done something else as well...

They have made me believe that " Any thing that doesn't Kill you, makes you stronger."

and iam ...realsing that those failures were more of gateways to new domains..things that I have never tried before...the sheer fact that I am trying them out in itself is a great success...

and guess what...thank god for this year and its setbacks..m geared up for this coming year..and more relaxed in terms of facing the unknown..knowing that whatever I step into, success or not..I will make the best out of it!!

and nothing more can spell LOVE OF LIFE more than this for me!

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