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Monday, January 30, 2012

Road less travelled!

I am about to embark on a journey..which i do not would lead where?
It is not the road I am worried about, it's the destination..that makes me cranky..

Do I even know..what is the reason? I can feel weiredness within me..but can't exactly define it.. Can't explain it..even to myself...

why am I worried and who is that I am afraid of? Of myself...or of others..or of my reactions/mood swings that i can get after seeing others' reactions??

Why are these others so important??Why?? when none of them makes any difference to my life?? These others do not share, add,bring joy to my why bother??

I's not's own self that is looking outside for reassurance of my talent and prestige..m unable to look completely within me and decipher the beauty that lies here..just here..with me...which needs to be seen and felt only by me..

hmm..m ..alas on the road less travelled and therefore the mystery is for me to unravel...!

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