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Monday, November 14, 2011

Beat the Blues!! STRESSS BUSTERS! that exactly...and quite literally...BEAT the stress out of your life!!BEAT ITTT!!How?? Here we go...My tried and tested whacky ideas..They always work!!
1) Drink! alcohol, tea, juice whatever suits you..just sip it up!!yess..just ensure that you have switched off that non stop machine on your shoulders...and look around and enjoy the surroundings!

2)Leave being a Bathroom singer and come out and croon to glory! My take whacky, enthusiastic, rockingggggg, cracking songs....songs that will make you sinnggg along, shout at the top of your voice...just go plain crazzzyyy...stop being just a bathroom singer..let the world feel your glorry!

3)playing is not for is for the child within us: my fav..ludo..cheat man...just play twisted and enjoy the mayhem thereafter...A game a day...keeps the stress awayy!

4)Creativity is not for closets! Do something whacky...cook a new dish..with new combinations...create a dress out of your already existing one...just do it! or may be create awesome or not so awesome art work out of waste...just put your stress to better use!

5)And what is called OSHO mad not worry about..the steps or the performance..what the is meant for you..not for anyone else..make noise..have fun..go wild!!

all these work wonders for me..may be they work for you too!!

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