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Friday, October 21, 2011

the recruting Blunder!

Phew!!!1 the last few days have been killing!!Has made me realise a few things...

In a country full of zillion ppl looking for employment opportunities, ppl who are educated, sometimes, very well educated..don't end up getting jobs..They have to wait endlessly to any company to respond to their applications.

Ppl say there are consultants who would take care of this, however, being from HR, i know...that none of the consultants take up the segment of junior level appointments..mainly because..companies pay them peanuts for such profiles...which means that there is no AID to these freshers who may not have graduated from the best colleges!

Business wise, i look at this as a huge opportunity and a need...that ppl are reluctant to look at!

What this kind of approach overlooks is the fact that intelligence is not all about education..I have witnessed utmost intelligence , sensitivity and willingess to do something in most of the colleges which may not be your BEST colleges..!
I believe HR doesn't have any other option.this seems like a perfect way to sieve through plethors of applications that pour in.However, this is what i feel..A CV is just paper...may be ...talking could be better..could give you a better picture..
So next time you outrightly reject a CV, look for pointers which tell you about the person and not the paper alone!

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