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Friday, February 5, 2010

well!! here am i after a longgg time...Life doesn't have interesting things to offer everyday..its just sometimes u stumble upon a masterpiece of a incident....something that gets you going and makes you think...!!
The philosopher that iam...i alwaz end up thinking...wat good does sarcasm do to anyone?and what by the way is sarcasm...all of us in this generation is a way to display our quick witted skills and the possible superiority over so called meek people....and therefore we display this skill with utmost aplomb just about anywhere..parties,lunch tables, pool gatherings..anywhere and everywhere we get a chance...
M sure none of us really give a thought to what the recipient goes through when he/she tries to laugh it off to make it look "it doesnt really was just a joke" thingie....Every person on this earth is probable to get hurt by such displays of so called candid jokes...but obviously in today's world of "fitting in"; displaying displeasure over such things...well...might not be looked upon as the best resort!!But the truth prevails and so does the fact that a sharp tongue can break many a hearts...just a little slowly!!

However, sarcasm used to shatter innocent smiles; used to break those dreams that innocent people weave in their spick and span nothing but a display of weakness and innermost complexes!Superiority is nothing,but a way to defend your weaknesses and get away from realising your own shortcomings and hence closing all the doors, any kind of opportunity that god may bestow upon you to make a change...make a difference to your life...and thereafter others!

Indeed..wat a pity!!


  1. thats so insightful

    PS: abovementioned words are not sarcastic...i mean them :)

  2. Well went through a similar confused phase in life.....guess what has to stay.... stays and the rest flies away

  3. yes..what has to go will go...that actually is the best way to be....let go!!