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Monday, December 21, 2009

Answers: Deep within!!

Ever been in a spot which compels you to think deep ....question yourself..question and again question..till the time all that you are left with is either clarity as white as snow or deeper confusion..either way what it would turn out to be ,would be for the best.. for if you are bestowed upon with wisdom about who you really are ...there is nothing more to from hereon would only be a gamut of dreams..all achievable..clear truths...facts and unashamed desires....unbaffled spirit..that's yours....only yours..
and just in case you get stuck in the confusion deeper...deep is where answers are...deep within and till the time the deepest fears are not conquered....till the time deepest lies are not unearthed and till the time the true spirit is not awakened!!
But mind you..all this takes hell lot of might lose your possessions..both human and otherwise...however..what should content you is the fact that if certain things are meant to be lost for the sake of you being yourself..then sooner or later,it would be for the good..for the might lose,however,in the end it would only mean a win..a triumph of who you really are....
and yes as they say.if you are true...then the loved ones wouold accept the truth and come back and in case they don't ,then they deserve the freedom to be what they are and take their own decisions...
however,whatever happens...happens for the best!! alwaz...


  1. Darling Firefly! I really love this article... you are superb! All the best and keep it up. Please keep posting more... I am waiting!!! - DK

  2. thanks DK!! today i just thought of getting back to blogging full fledged and here i saw ur comment!! made my day!! thnks love!!