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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the survival tips today!!

Realisations @ 2nd feb, 2012.

1) Never get on to work on something without clarifying your expectations from the same.Clarity is the medicine for your mismatched expectation syndrome! if you don't get it, Seek it!!

2) Promise yourself that you would never take up something which makes you follow others' opinion about you! Stick to what you know the best about yourself!! just stick to it and let everyone else know!

3) Get what you want!! seek it and be a go getter! what better than being able to put yourself honestly across the table??

4) Work hard for your dreams, but work equally hard for ensuring that you are working ON what you want..not working on peripherals around it which may( may not) get to your dream someday.

5) Live in now! Now is the time! FUTURE happens in NOW..always!!\

6) the above mentioned points are my POA( plan of action ) for the day!i have to set some notions right!

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