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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shalini-The Ice Princess II

She was rushed to the hospital immediately.All Doctors could say, "We will try our best."And they did try their best and that is why she -the ice princess was alive......alive..although the reason for her living had gone...She was on wheelchair now, since both her legs had been amputated!

The world had come crashing on her...and may be on everyone around her....

Now she was alive and she had to be thankful for the fact that God was kind enough for her to be alive...but the truth was she wasn't! She wasn't thankful for this life..she wasn't thankful for not being able to achieve everything she had ever all her all tears...she couldn't refute the fact..that she was handicapped....forever may be..

Lost in her thoughts one day...she saw something that struck her fancy. right across the window, down on the street was a limbless child dancing away to glory to earn some money.What struck her was his face....She had seen many poor children perform all sort of gimmicks to get some money..but this one was different....this one wasn't all..for everyone...yeasss..he wasn't dancing for everyone..he was dancing for himself...with whatever energy he could muster..he was dancing for himself..and in that display of passion....he reflected a deep sense of peace known only to a few...privileged few...!

"Wow", thought she to herself," Where does he find energy to do that? His peace is infectious.."

and then suddenly.....she stopped ....looked around...and went straight to her pink lappy lying right there on the side table.

A year Later....


Triumphant and ecstatic, Shalini was asked..what gave her the zeal and the motivation to achieve this?

Shalini responded....with a smile of gratitude........."Infectious peace"!!

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